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Take the Family to a Performance of The Lion King

One of the most impressive and fun shows playing right now is The Lion King, and it’s unlike so many of the other plays and musicals you might’ve seen before. Kids and adults alike will have a wonderful time at the show. It has all of the elements of heroism and adventure you remember and love from the movie.

All of the characters that you know and love are in the musical, and it’s just like seeing a true live action version of the cartoon! They have Rafiki, Simba, Nala, Scar and even the animals of the Serengeti! The actors, dressed as the animals, even walk through the crowd at certain points. It truly is a wonderful spectacle to behold when you see huge puppet giraffes and elephants walking down the aisles and on the stage. Kids adore this!

You will be able to hear all of your favorite songs from the movie that you know and love too. Listen to the beautiful sounds of “Circle of Life”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, and the catchy “Hakuna Matata” and more! The musical score for the show comes from the wonderful Hans Zimmer, who fans know for scores of Sherlock Holmes, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the new Man of Steel score.

Of course, the show does have a few notable changes and differences from the cartoon. For example, the character of Rafiki is now female. When the producers were adapting the show, they realized that there were simply not enough female leads. It is a change embraced by the audiences.

The show debuted in 1999 and is still going strong, touring the Heartland and other areas around the country, and even in other nations including England, Canada, and Australia. Even countries such as Korea have had productions of this highly popular and very entertaining musical!

You and the family will absolutely love The Lion King. Make sure to check and see if it is coming to a town near you and buy musical tickets so you can experience one of the best times you will ever have at a musical!

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