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Check out the Duo of Donny and Marie Osmond in Vegas

The names Donny and Marie go together like chocolate and peanut butter. They are great on their own, but they are perfect together. The brother and sister Osmond duo have been performing together for decades. They come from a family of performers, and they had their first television show together, called Donny & Marie, in 1976. It ran from ’76 to ’79. This was a variety show that featured dancing, singing, skits, and much more. The second iteration of the show, which ran from ’98 to 2000, was quite a bit different — it was a talk show and about as far from their old show as they could get.

Today, they’ve gone back to their entertaining roots though with their Las Vegas show, which they perform at The Flamingo. The show, which started in 2008, is a powerhouse of pure entertainment that lasts 90 minutes. It features music, dancing, and more. The show is a phenomenal retrospective on their careers together and solo, and attendees will be able to enjoy all of the great songs they know and love from the Osmond siblings. Some of the songs you will hear when you see Donny and Marie include “Puppy Love”, “Soldier of Love”, “Paper Roses”, and “A Beautiful Life”. You will also hear some songs from Marie’s solo career, including a cover of Aerosmith’s song “Walk this Way”.

The music you know and love is great, but they do more than just take the stage and sing their hits. They are true entertainers at heart, and they really will put on a show for you. They received an award for being the best performers in Las Vegas in 2012. The duo looks great and sounds great, and fans will love the show from the first song to the last.

If you are coming to Las Vegas and you are a big fan of Donny and Marie, you can’t miss the chance to see them live! Make sure you get your tickets soon so you can see them in action. Seeing them perform is a fun experience you will not forget soon.

Don’t Miss Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails has a new album and new tour lined up that should keep new and old fans alike very happy. The band, fronted by Trent Reznor, will be touring all across the United States throughout the rest of 2013 before they head to New Zealand and Australia with Queens of the Stone Age.

Fans know that Reznor is the main man — and the only actual official member — of the band. Of course, when he tours, he does have an entire band come out with him in order to perform some of the complex, and some might say sonically odd, songs in his repertoire. Some of the best known songs from NIN include “Wish”, “Gave Up”, “Only”, and “Head Like a Hole”.

Reznor and his music are not without controversy. In the early 90s, he rented the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, which many people know was the home where Sharon Tate and friends met their end at the hands of members of Charlie Manson’s Family. He claimed that he had no idea it was the same house, but he did call his studio Le Pig. The word pig was written on the one of the doors in the home when the Manson Family committed the murders. Reznor actually took the door with him when he left, right before the house was demolished. Reznor is also the man who discovered and produced another one of the other “shock rockers” that remains an enduring force today — Marilyn Manson. They actually filmed their video “Gave Up” in the living room where the initial attacks took place.

Despite what one might think about Reznor on a personal level, few can deny his musical talent and influence. In fact, some of that controversy is actually what many people find alluring about him and his music. When you go to see a NIN show, you are going to see more than just a concert. You will see a spectacle of light and sound that you won’t forget. If you love the music, you surely don’t want to miss this latest tour. Check to see if NIN is coming to an area near you and buy your tickets today.

See Dracula as Never Before

Do you know the story of Dracula? While most people today certainly know the name, having seen countless Halloween specials and costumes with capes and widow’s peaks over the years, some people don’t know much about Bram Stoker’s actual novel and the story it contains. While a bit unwieldy at times — the story is written through the diary pages and journals of the characters — it remains a wonderful and interesting story of horror, love, and adventure that will always hold a prominent place in the hearts of horror fans everywhere. Without Dracula, the popularity of vampires in pop culture today would simply not exist. That’s right; without Dracula, there would likely be no Edward or Bella from Twilight.

Through the years, the character of Dracula has been in nearly everything. Movies and television shows, literature, plays, comic books and cartoons, and more. He’s even gone toe to toe with Batman, which certainly says something about the character’s enduring popularity. However, there’s one other area the master vampire has conquered that many people don’t know about — ballet. You can see shows that take the story of Dracula from the novel and adapt it to the stage as a ballet.

At first blush, it might not seem as though the story would work as a ballet, but it really does work quite well with the right ballet company. The story, which starts out in Transylvania, heads to London, and then returns to Dracula’s castle and it all works remarkably well in ballet form, and is certainly worth seeing.

Different ballet companies around the country will often put on the ballet, usually in the fall of the year, as we get closer to Halloween. During the fall, people are far more predisposed to wanting to see as much fictional horror as possible. The California Ballet in San Diego, the Grand Rapids Ballet, and others put on a wonderful show. If you love the ballet and you are a fan of Dracula, you will not want to miss this opportunity. It’s a wonderful way to see the story unfold. Make sure you buy tickets for the show soon!

Justin Timberlake is Back on Tour

Justin Timberlake is a man of many talents. While many people believe that he got his start in show business with his group ‘N Sync, he was actually performing for quite a bit longer. He started on Star Search and he had a role on The New Mickey Mouse Club, just as Britney Spears did. However, his time in ‘N Sync really helped to propel him to the stardom he has today. He eventually became a solo artist and released his first solo album, Justified, in 2002. In 2006, he released the album FutureSex/LoveSounds.

In 2007, he stopped focusing on music and started focusing on acting. In the beginning, some were reticent about his chance of success, but he was able to prove the critics wrong. He’s been in a number of different types of films including Friends with Benefits, The Social Network, In Time, Black Snake Moan, and Bad Teacher. He was also the voice of Boo Boo in the Yogi Bear movie. Of course, some of his most famous roles were the times he hosted Saturday Night Live. His turns on the show certainly proved that he was a good comedic actor. He even expressed interest recently in playing The Riddler in a Batman film if ever given the chance.

Of course, he could not stay away from music for too long. In January of 2013, he announced his return to music and his album, The 20/20 Experience, which he had been working on for nearly a year, dropped on March 19. Timberlake also has yet another studio album releasing this year. Called The 20/20 Experience: Part 2 of 2, the album will release on September 30, 2013.

If you have been hankering to see Justin Timberlake perform live again, and you are thrilled that he’s touring again, you need to scoop up some tickets as quickly as you can. The new tour promises to be a lot of fun, and you can be sure he will bring back some of your favorite songs. You can expect to hear hits such as “Cry Me a River”, “Rock Your Body”, and “SexyBack”

Black Sabbath is Touring to Support Latest Album 13

Black Sabbath recently announced a new album, called 13, to the delight of fans everywhere. Initially, they were going to do a mere four dates to support the album, but that was not enough to sate the fans’ desires. They decided to increase the number of performances from a mere four to create a five-week tour that encompasses twenty shows. The tour begins on July 25th.

13 is the first studio album from Black Sabbath that features Ozzy Osbourne on vocals since 1978. Despite the decades that separate that last album from 13, there is a remarkable similarity on the new album to the sound and the style of those old Sabbath songs. The songs have a great feel that’s a meld of the modern and the old, and none feel like retreads. Are all of the songs outstanding? As with most albums, some songs are better than others are. Overall, it is a strong album though. Most fans embrace the album and are happy to see that Osbourne, Iommi, Butler, and new drummer Brad Wilk are touring.

What will the new shows hold? You can expect to hear some of the popular songs from the new album, such as “Is God Dead?”. However, Black Sabbath will likely pull out quite a few of those old classics as well. Some of the songs that will probably be in the set list include “Iron Man”, “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, and “N.I.B.”. The band wants to highlight their new album, but they know how important it is to appease the fans who come to hear the hits.

Will Black Sabbath tour again? Will they come out with another album? Ozzy has a solo career, and everyone else in the band is busy with their own solo careers. Whether they will continue to record and tour is unknown. This means you might not get a chance to see them again. If you love the new album or the old music, do not miss this opportunity. It’s time to check out the location of those tour dates. Find a venue near you and buy tickets before they vanish!

Morgan Shepherd Set to Become Oldest NASCAR Starter

NASCAR remains one of the most popular spectator sports in the country, and it appeals to fans of all ages. The speed of the cars, the roar of the engines, and the thrill of the competition keep people riveted, and there is nothing quite like seeing one of these races in person. Television simply does not do it justice! The races as fun, and some of them even have some history making moments. For example, in July, Morgan Shepherd, at 71 years old, will become the oldest NASCAR driver to start in the Sprint Cup. The current record holder as the oldest to started a race is Jim Fitzgerald, who raced at the Riverside International Speedway when he was 65 years old.

Shepherd has been racing in NASCAR for decades and has four Sprint Cup victories throughout his career. His first start was all the way back in 1970 at Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina. It promises to be a fun race, as most NASCAR events are. Of course, even if you can’t make it to this race, you can be sure that more are coming up! They have these races at tracks all around the country, and each of the tracks seems to have their own personality.

Some of the popular tracks include the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Daytona International Speedway. No matter where you might be in the country, or where you might be taking your next vacation, there’s a very good chance that a NASCAR track is nearby! Start looking to see where the nearest raceway is to you so you can plan your trip.

NASCAR is quickly overtaking other sports in terms of popularity. The sport has its own personalities, its own style and people just can’t get enough. If you and your friends or family love watching NASCAR at home on the television, you should get off the couch and out into the stands. Buy some tickets to an event near you and spend an entire day reveling in the glory that is NASCAR!

Kelly Clarkson Becomes Romantic in New Single

When Kelly Clarkson became engaged to Brandon Blackstock earlier this year, she admitted that, while she was with the love of her life, she worried about what it would do to her creatively. After all she had built her career largely singing super-angry or ultra-sad breakup songs. But, what do you sing about when you’re happy?

As it turns out, happiness. That’s what Clarkson sings about on her latest single, Tie it Up. With lyrics such as, “now there are two less fish in the sea,” and “I love the ring of your name,” they’re certainly a far cry from previous singles such as Already Gone and Don’t Let Me Stop You.

But fans shouldn’t worry that now that she’s off the market Clarkson will restrict herself to sappy love ballads. In fact, Tie it Up bears no resemblance to a love ballad, although a love song it may be. While the song is dubbed as country, and was premiered at the CMA Music Festival, Clarkson has that distinct cross-over quality that can make her sound country and pop all in one. That’s what she’s done with this track that’s been confirmed to be the first released off her upcoming album.

Fans are certainly dying to hear new music from Clarkson, as the last album effort was a compilation of greatest hits. Listen to Tie it Up here, and then tell us if you think it was worth the wait!

Take the Family to a Performance of The Lion King

One of the most impressive and fun shows playing right now is The Lion King, and it’s unlike so many of the other plays and musicals you might’ve seen before. Kids and adults alike will have a wonderful time at the show. It has all of the elements of heroism and adventure you remember and love from the movie.

All of the characters that you know and love are in the musical, and it’s just like seeing a true live action version of the cartoon! They have Rafiki, Simba, Nala, Scar and even the animals of the Serengeti! The actors, dressed as the animals, even walk through the crowd at certain points. It truly is a wonderful spectacle to behold when you see huge puppet giraffes and elephants walking down the aisles and on the stage. Kids adore this!

You will be able to hear all of your favorite songs from the movie that you know and love too. Listen to the beautiful sounds of “Circle of Life”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, and the catchy “Hakuna Matata” and more! The musical score for the show comes from the wonderful Hans Zimmer, who fans know for scores of Sherlock Holmes, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the new Man of Steel score.

Of course, the show does have a few notable changes and differences from the cartoon. For example, the character of Rafiki is now female. When the producers were adapting the show, they realized that there were simply not enough female leads. It is a change embraced by the audiences.

The show debuted in 1999 and is still going strong, touring the Heartland and other areas around the country, and even in other nations including England, Canada, and Australia. Even countries such as Korea have had productions of this highly popular and very entertaining musical!

You and the family will absolutely love The Lion King. Make sure to check and see if it is coming to a town near you and buy musical tickets so you can experience one of the best times you will ever have at a musical!

Take it Easy with an Eagles Concert

The Eagles are one of the most iconic bands in history, and they have hit after hit that you are sure to recognize from the very first chords. Everything from “Hotel California”, “Life in the Fast Lane”, “Desperado”, and “Take it Easy” are radio friendly favorites that are a part of the modern culture. These are just a handful of the classic songs that you are going to be hearing when this band tours this summer and into the fall. The new tour is a celebration of the band’s history, as well as to support their most recent music documentary, The History of the Eagles.

This documentary chronicles the history of the band, and Joe Walsh actually said that he had a hard time watching it because it covers the drug and alcohol addiction from years ago. They came through their hard times and through breakups and many struggles to become one of the most popular bands of all time.

Because of the popularity of the band and the fact that they can continue to sell out shows no matter where they might go, the band recently added another 12 shows. The lineup includes your favorites — Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, and Glenn Frey. The band announced that they are assuredly going to be playing all of those favorites that you love from the heyday of The Eagles. However, they are also going to be bringing and playing in all of the hits from their solo efforts.

In addition to the individual concerts, you will also be able to find The Eagles playing at Summerfest, the World’s Largest Music Festival that is taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year. In fact, they are going to be the headliner closers on July 7, and it could be a good place to see them! They will be playing in many locations through the United States and Canada, so you should be able to find somewhere that’s not too far away.

Of course, you have to make sure that you have your tickets, if you hope to see this legendary band in action. Look for a location in your areas where they are holding a concert, or find a place within driving distance and get your tickets today. This is a band that you truly do want to see live!

Doping Allegations Once Again Plague MLB

Boston, Detroit and Texas all lead their divisions in the American League; and Atlanta, St. Louis, and Arizona are the top seeds in the National League. But once again, it’s not points or rankings that are the top stories in Major League Baseball, as these have all once again been overshadowed by doping allegations. This time those allegations revolve around a dozen or so MLB players, and a clinic in Miami.

It was the Miami Times that first broke the news in January that it had collected records showing that a number of MLB players made drug purchases from an anti-aging clinic in Miami. Anthony Bosch is the founder of the clinic in question — the Biogenesis of America clinic — and is now cooperating with the MLB in their investigation.

Reportedly, approximately a dozen MLB players purchased performance-enhancing drugs from the clinic. Among them are Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, and Bartolo Colon.

The penalties for these players will undoubtedly vary, should they be found guilty of purchasing drugs from the clinic. Many of them including Rodriguez, Colon, and Cabrera have already served a suspension for drug use last year, meaning that they would most likely receive suspensions effective immediately. Any players for which this would be a first offense would be able to put suspensions on hold during a grievance process, which would have to be initiated by the union.

The players involved are holding to the position that the allegations are untrue, especially Ryan Braun. When recently asked about the situation he said,

“I’ve already addressed everything related to the Miami situation. I addressed it in spring training. I will not make any further statements about it. The truth has not changed.”

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