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Black Sabbath is Touring to Support Latest Album 13

Black Sabbath recently announced a new album, called 13, to the delight of fans everywhere. Initially, they were going to do a mere four dates to support the album, but that was not enough to sate the fans’ desires. They decided to increase the number of performances from a mere four to create a five-week tour that encompasses twenty shows. The tour begins on July 25th.

13 is the first studio album from Black Sabbath that features Ozzy Osbourne on vocals since 1978. Despite the decades that separate that last album from 13, there is a remarkable similarity on the new album to the sound and the style of those old Sabbath songs. The songs have a great feel that’s a meld of the modern and the old, and none feel like retreads. Are all of the songs outstanding? As with most albums, some songs are better than others are. Overall, it is a strong album though. Most fans embrace the album and are happy to see that Osbourne, Iommi, Butler, and new drummer Brad Wilk are touring.

What will the new shows hold? You can expect to hear some of the popular songs from the new album, such as “Is God Dead?”. However, Black Sabbath will likely pull out quite a few of those old classics as well. Some of the songs that will probably be in the set list include “Iron Man”, “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, and “N.I.B.”. The band wants to highlight their new album, but they know how important it is to appease the fans who come to hear the hits.

Will Black Sabbath tour again? Will they come out with another album? Ozzy has a solo career, and everyone else in the band is busy with their own solo careers. Whether they will continue to record and tour is unknown. This means you might not get a chance to see them again. If you love the new album or the old music, do not miss this opportunity. It’s time to check out the location of those tour dates. Find a venue near you and buy tickets before they vanish!

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