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Josh Groban is Going on Tour!

Josh Groban released his sixth studio album, All That Echoes, back in February of this year, and fans were eagerly anticipating that a tour would soon follow. They haven’t been disappointed. Josh just announced that he is in fact going on tour this year, and that it’s going to be unlike anything he’s ever done before.

Groban’s “In The Round” tour is just that — a tour that places Groban on a revolving stage so that he can interact and be “in the round” with his fans — all of his fans. Or at least those sitting within the first two or three rows of the stage.

“It has been a vision of mine to do a tour in the round for a while now,” Groban said in a press release. “It was just a matter of when was the right time. I have always had moments during the show where I walked through the crowd and interacted with the fans. I felt that now was the time to bring it all together. I can’t wait to bring music from throughout my career, great fun and new experiences to my fans.”

The “In The Round” tour kicks off on October 2 in Boise, Idaho and from there Groban will travel to 22 different cities, wrapping the tour up in Dallas, Texas on November 13. Some of the biggest cities he’ll be visiting are Seattle, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Tampa, just to name a few. Tickets for Groban’s tour are now on sale, so be sure to get yours today!

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