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Is Adele Going to Vegas?

What do you do when you’re an international mega-singer and, after having just had a baby, you don’t want to travel but you do still want to perform? Take up a residency in Vegas, of course! That’s just the predicament that Adele is currently faced with, and it’s one that she’s not only considering, but that would make a lot of sense.

It was in October of 2011 that Adele had to cancel a bunch of tour dates after continual vocal cord hemorrhages risked significant and permanent damage to her voice. She had only been back on the glamor circuit performing for less than a year when she gave birth to her baby boy and announced that she was going to focus on motherhood, although she wasn’t taking a hiatus. At the time she said she was still going to be working on her third album, but that she wouldn’t be touring until at least after its release.

Now, Adele and her fans may have the best of both worlds, as it’s rumored that the British soul singer is headed to Vegas for a residency there.

“Adele is at the top of the Vegas hit list, and she’s seriously considering it as an option,” MTV reported. “She wants to get back to performing but doesn’t want to go on the road so soon after becoming a mum. A Las Vegas residency would mean she could settle in with her family and record her third album all at once.”

Adele has reportedly already started on plans for both. Back in April OK! Magazine reported that she was back in the studio already recording her third album; and it’s also been said that she’s talking to Elton John about doing a residency — someone who’s no stranger to it himself. According to those reports, Sir Elton has highly encouraged Adele to take the residency, and to start performing again.

Do you think Adele will end up in Vegas? Will you go see her if she does?

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