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See What You’re Missing at Theatre by the Blind

Theatre by the Blind is a theater group made up entirely of blind actors. These talented individuals come together to write and create some of the most magnificent pieces you’ll ever see onstage; and they’re currently running Yesterday’s at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica. The story will be enough to draw you in, and the talent that you’ll see will have you going back to see this theater troupe again and again.

Yesterday’s tells the story of Candy, a jazz club owner that is desperately trying to hang onto her business, and failing at it miserably. But while Candy may not be a great businesswoman, she is an inspiration to the cast of actors she surrounds herself with. And through her own toils and troubles, she inspires others to go on to chase their own dreams. The story, you could say, is a mirror image of what Theatre by the Blind is all about.

It’s because these actors, while extremely talented, have all faced great hardships due to their inability to see. All losing their sight for different reasons, and at different times, each actor has said that they’ve grown to have more self-confidence, and feel as though they’re not alone, all by joining the group and being a part of something so very special.

Yesterday’s was created by the entire cast, co-written by Colin Simson and Lindsay Nyman, co-directed by Greg Shane and Lindsay Nyman, and presented by CRE Outreach.

Yesterday’s opened at the Promenade Playhouse on April 18, and you have until May 5 to see what it’s all about. It’s guaranteed to be like nothing else you’ve ever seen!

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