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Kelly Clarkson Becomes Romantic in New Single

When Kelly Clarkson became engaged to Brandon Blackstock earlier this year, she admitted that, while she was with the love of her life, she worried about what it would do to her creatively. After all she had built her career largely singing super-angry or ultra-sad breakup songs. But, what do you sing about when you’re happy?

As it turns out, happiness. That’s what Clarkson sings about on her latest single, Tie it Up. With lyrics such as, “now there are two less fish in the sea,” and “I love the ring of your name,” they’re certainly a far cry from previous singles such as Already Gone and Don’t Let Me Stop You.

But fans shouldn’t worry that now that she’s off the market Clarkson will restrict herself to sappy love ballads. In fact, Tie it Up bears no resemblance to a love ballad, although a love song it may be. While the song is dubbed as country, and was premiered at the CMA Music Festival, Clarkson has that distinct cross-over quality that can make her sound country and pop all in one. That’s what she’s done with this track that’s been confirmed to be the first released off her upcoming album.

Fans are certainly dying to hear new music from Clarkson, as the last album effort was a compilation of greatest hits. Listen to Tie it Up here, and then tell us if you think it was worth the wait!

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