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The War Horse Is A Must See!

Before Steven Spielberg releases the movie version, fans are lining up to see the theatrical production of War Horse. Unlike the forthcoming movie version, the play does not use real horses but instead makes dramatic use of puppetry to tell the story of Albert, a young English farm boy, and his beloved horse, Joey. The story takes place in Europe during World War 1 and takes Joey on an odyssey while Albert sets out on a mission to find his horse.

The puppeteers masterfully depict Joey and three other life-size puppets as they gallop, scream, breathe, and interact with the human characters. An astute observer can learn to read volumes from the movement of Joey’s ears. This is all done so skillfully that the puppets do not overpower or detract from the production.

The production takes place on a nearly bare stage aided by only a few props. As the story takes place during the war, there is plenty of graphic imagery including walking corpses and barbed wire fences. The large tank crossing the stage will surely get your attention.

Theater goers should be warned that “War Horse” is an absolute tearjerker. Bring your handkerchief. It is a sentimental and heart-warming story told in a spectacular manner. Do not expect your typical “National Velvet” story.

Readers of the children’s novel, “War Horse,” may find it difficult to imagine this story delivered as a stage production. This cast and crew, however, make Michael Morpugo’s novel seem as if it were written for the theater. A sufficient scattering of ballads is incorporated to allow us to label this production a “musical,” but it is the touching story of a boy and his horse that makes this play so memorable.

You can enjoy War Horse in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boise and New York. Get your War Horse tickets for these locations today so you don’t miss this amazing event.

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