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Why It’s Time to Look for Green Bay Packers Tickets

Why? Because the season is getting interesting! The Green Bay Packers have scrambled back to their feet after losing 22-30 to the San Francisco 49ers. With a sigh of resounding relief for Packer fans, the weekend found them clobbering the Chicago Bears 23-10, giving them a 1-1 score for the season’s beginnings, instead of a dismal 0-2. They began the first half with a bang; a sensational all or nothing touchdown by Tom Crabtree, who remarked afterward, “It was either a touchdown or a horrible call and someone didn’t do their job and someone didn’t execute.”

From that point on, it seemed the Packers just couldn’t lose. Even though the game was still anybody’s guess, with both teams scoring only three more points by the third quarter, the stall ended when the field opened up for dancing Donald Driver to zero in for a second Packer touch-down.

The question on everyone’s mind is, will the Packers be able to present a good offense? Last year, Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was tearing up the turf, setting record points for offense plays. With a 15-1 regular season, confidence was high as they staged their final battle against the New York Giants – and lost. Rodgers ball placement was off, and when he was on target, his receivers just couldn’t seem to hold onto it, fumbling the game that should have been their final triumph. The opening game against the forty-niner’s began to look like Deja Vu. Once again, Rodgers threw off the mark and his receivers were dropping balls at a rate to make a grown man cry. After dropping eleven passes in last year’s games, Jermichael Finley dropped three more for the 2012 games. Offensive coordinator, Tom Clements is confident Finley will mature, but Packers fans are growing a bit uneasy.

The Green Bay Packers are set to play against the Seattle Seahawks September 24, which could be a do or die fate for the team that got off to a slow start. Seattle just clobbered the Dallas Cowboys in a brutal 27-7 game, and their message is, they’re not giving an inch. After losing to Arizona in their first game of the season, they racked up a lead against Dallas in the first five minutes with a touchdown by Jeron Johnson. Seattle began its offense a bit shaky in the first quarter, but took control of it before the second half, and kept the Cowboys flattened with bone cruncher, Golden Tate. Tate knocks them down and keeps knocking them.

The next game should tell all for the Green Bay Packers as they line up against the Seahawks, with both teams beginning the season with a slow start, and both teams with an outstanding defense. The big test will be in whether or not Aaron Rodgers pulls back together his offense, which is formidable when he’s on track.

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