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Tim Tebow is Going to New York!

Start spreading the news…Tebow is “leaving today” and is heading to New York! Tebow officially signed with the New York Jets and took part in an enthusiastic press conference that had the sports world buzzing.

Tim Tebow has recovered quickly after a particularly nasty shoving-in-front-of-a-train incident involving his former team the Denver Broncos. The Broncos signed Peyton Manning this month leaving quarterback Tebow few other options than to play the big field of the NFL and find a new home. Tim Tebow made national headlines last year, as he almost single-handedly led the disastrous Denver Broncos to a decent season end. He also garnered plenty of attention for his hard-Christian posing, citing scriptures and thanking God. While this isn’t exactly a “new play” for an NFL star, it is unique to see such a young man promoting God so fearlessly.

Some football experts, however, are not entirely convinced that Denver made a mistake–or that Tebow’s moving to New York is bad news for the Jets. Denver’s coach is not the only Tebow detractor. Why even Joe Namath joined the anti-Tebow movement recently.

The ex-Jet said, “I think it stinks,” he told USA Today, and cited starting quarterback Mark Sanchez as yet another victim in the scenario. Namath actually said much worse about Tebow before Monday, March 26, 2012, stating that Tebow had serious accuracy problems. However, on Monday, he seemed less upset and even credited Tebow as one of the “biggest stars in the game today.” He also said respectfully, “I think the Jets have done a terrific thing here in bringing the Jet fans a real star.”

Tebow is remaining very modest about the move–and about his expectations. “I think first and foremost, I’ve always said that I’m a football player first and then a quarterback. However, I can help the team, however I can make a difference, however they can use me, I’ll be open to it.”

Still Tebow is not stupid and knows that his quarterback ability is what brought him to the game. He would obviously be disappointed if he didn’t earn a permanent quarterback position sooner than later–and he would be joined by NFL fans and big suits, who want to see Tebow earn that investment.

What do you think? Is Tebow going to save the New York Jets or is it hell fire and brimstone from here on out?

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