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Is Charles Tillman the NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

We’re at about the midway point of the NFL season, and not only does that leave fans wondering who’s going to make it to the Super Bowl, it also has them wondering who’s going to be taking awards home at the end of the year. One of the most talked about awards this year is the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award; and Charles Tillman of the Chicago Bears is one of the biggest names being thrown around to win it. So the question is, will he?

It’s hard to say. Tillman has had an incredible season this year, getting 43 tackles in, 2 interceptions, and a whopping 7 forced fumbles. He has been one of the biggest problems on the field for some of the best receivers, including Calvin Johnson; and he’s especially prone to taking the ball away from the other team to give his team another chance to score. All of it adds up to a very good argument for giving Charles Tillman the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award this season.

But it’s still early. And out of the ten years that he’s played, this is the first time Tillman has given himself elite status. Not to mention the fact that linebacker J.J. Watts is most likely also going to be up for the award; and he’s going to be a tough one to beat.

But let’s remember that it’s a season award and not a career award; and Tillman has had an outstanding year. And comparing Watts against Tillman is difficult, because their two positions are uniquely different. Whether or not Tillman will win Defensive Player of the Year will depend on what the league is looking for when they hand it out; and whether or not he can remain injury-free. But there’s no doubt that so far, Tillman has made a very good case for himself when it comes to winning the award this year.

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