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Bear Down! Injured Bears Send Vikings Packing

The Chicago Bears were just one game ahead of the Minnesota Vikings when they went into Sunday’s game; and they were a team in trouble. On a losing streak, and looking as though they might be playing without star quarterback Jay Cutler, it was going to take a lot to pull out a win against the Vikings. But while Cutler was there and helped lead his team to a 28 — 10 victory, the Bears surrendered several players for the win.

Throwing for 188 yards and a touchdown, and connecting on nearly every pass, Jay Cutler showed no signs of the concussion that kept him out of last week’s game against the 49ers. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Devin Hester, Matt Forte, and Charles Tillman — all who suffered injuries in the game against the Vikings.

With about five minutes left in the first half on Sunday, the Bears announced that Hester would not be returning for the game due to a concussion that he received in the first half. It’s still unclear as to when during the first half he received that concussion.

Coming back from halftime, the third quarter didn’t get much better for the Bears. Matt Forte ran off the field halfway through, and seemed to be favoring his right leg. It was announced later that he had suffered an injury to his right ankle; and Tillman was also removed from the game with an ankle injury.

It was also during the third quarter that both Bears’ starting guards, Lance Louis and Chris Spencer, were removed from the game — this time, both knee injuries.

At the end of the game, it looked as though Jay Cutler may be the only Bear in fine form. It’s definitely not rare to see this happen to a team more than halfway through a very tough season. But it will be interesting to see how Chicago compensates for these injuries as they prepare for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

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