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Atlanta Falcons Still Undefeated

The Atlanta Falcons became the only NFL team still left undefeated after they beat the Dallas Cowboys 19 — 13 on Sunday night, putting their season up to a perfect 8 — 0 so far. And perhaps one of the most amazing things is that they did it without two of their most powerful defensive players — Peria Jerry and Sean Weatherspoon.

Sean Weatherspoon sat the game out, dealing with a sprained right ankle, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do his part. Hobbling up and down the sideline, making calls, and helping everyone out with where they were supposed to be, Weatherspoon was as much part of this win as any other Falcon on the team. And so was Peria Jerry. The defensive tackle has been riddled with knee injuries for the past two years, and swelling around the area after he injured it during the first half took him out of the game against Dallas.

The injury is not serious though, and both Jerry and Weatherspoon are thought to be back on the field this week. This has fans even more excited to see what these Falcons are made out of, and not just Atlanta fans either. All NFL fans love to see a team have a great season — even if they’re only waiting for the fallout. That most likely won’t come next week, as the Falcons will face the New Orleans Saints, one of the worst teams in the league this year.

In fact, it’s thought that the Falcons will continue their perfect streak until they meet up with the New York Giants in Week 15. Whether the Falcons will be able to take that game or not is largely still up in the air; as the Giants are formidable opponents. But one thing’s for sure. Just like every other Atlanta Falcons game so far this year, that one against the Giants is going to be a great one to watch.

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