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Alabama Crushes Notre Dame to Win Second Consecutive National Title

It wasn’t supposed to be just another matchup between the two top-ranked teams in the country. It was a game against a team that went undefeated all season, and the powerful Crimson Tide. It was more anticipated than perhaps any national title game in the last five years. It wasn’t supposed to be just another title game. But it ended the same way as three in the last four years have. With Alabama crushing their opponent with a final score of 42-14.

Even fans who had had the date marked on their calendar all year long were searching for the remote when in the second quarter, the Crimson Tide were already leading 35-0. Fans didn’t need to break out into the “SEC! SEC!” chant to let everyone know the game was over; but they did anyway. Notre Dame had an outstanding year, but they just can’t compete with the very powerful schools just yet; and being the clear underdog didn’t seem to help them any.

The Fighting Irish actually didn’t put in a bad showing, with quarterback Everett Golson finishing his first season as starter going 21 of 36 for 270 yards, and scoring a touchdown. The problem Notre Dame had was largely on the ground, with their running game being held to just 32 yards. But even with their lagging play, Notre Dame did not lose this game because they’re a bad team. Alabama’s just that good.

It was the Tide’s second consecutive national title, after defeating LSU in the big bowl game last year. It was their third in the last four years. Eddie Lacy took the game’s offensive MVP award after the game, and for good reason. He was the reason for two of the Tide’s touchdowns in the first half, and he managed to slither and slide his way out of any situation involving any member of the Irish. He finished with 140 yards on 20 carries, and his best performance of the year when his team needed it the most. His 181 rushing yards were also a career high for him.

But as much as people are talking today about how good Alabama is, they’re also talking about how good head coach Nick Saban is. It’s clear that after winning his last three out of four titles, and four of his eight years as a college coach, Saban is building himself a dynasty in Alabama. And it’s one that’s likely going to reign for some time.

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