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SF Giants Defeat Detroit Tigers to Win World Series

It’s not a stretch to think that the 2012 World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants are destined for greatness. After all, this was the team’s second championship in three years–a feat bested only by the likes of the NY Yankees since the playoffs doubled in the mid-90s–and the Giants didn’t just take the championship, they took care of business. And it felt like business as usual for the Giants as they came and left Detroit with enough tiger’s blood to make Charlie Sheen jealous in a four-game sweep.

During Game 4 the Giants came out swinging, with some strong plays and big hits, putting some early distance between the Detroit Tigers and the championship. Comerica Park in Detroit erupted in the tenth inning with the winning strike-out by Giants’ ace Sergio Romo against the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera for the 4-3 series win, making it the seventh title in the franchise’s history (its first five titles were clinched back when they were still a New York outfit), which makes the SF Giants’ win that much more impressive.

For many fans, the series may be over, but the celebration is in full order. Some even have their tickets for next season. In San Francisco, fans have taken to the streets, some of them literally wearing their love for the Giants on their sleeve. The skies ignite with fireworks. Cheers of fans echo in the distance. Sports bartenders citywide witness several spontaneous marriage proposals. Clearly, the City of San Francisco loves its Giants, and it’s a love affair between San Francisco, the fans, and a ball club that has proven its greatness…again.

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