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Cincinnati Reds – What’s the Latest News?

After a slow start, the Cincinnati Reds are breaking into the National League games in high style.  Never mind that their hard-hitting first baseman, Joey Votto had to leave the game early–a precautionary measure for an inflamed knee.  Tapping that plate with formidable force, Miguel Cairo and Ryan Hannigan were each credited with runs batted in the four games starter against the San Francisco Giants.  However, pitcher Mat Latos proved once and for all that a smoking hot pitcher is every bit as valuable an asset as a hard hitting batter.

With only one year under his belt with the Cincinnati Reds, fans are already saying Latos is proving he’s got what it takes to be a major league pitcher.  They call him “Mr. Complete.”  He delivers with equal aplomb his speed balls, curve balls and sliders.  Handing out no-hits to his opposition seems to be his favorite style.  Anxieties run high when he steps into the pitcher mound, and that ball goes sizzling across the plate.  There’s only one thing the batter knows: Latos’ pitch will be unpredictable.  However, “Will that be enough to win the series?” more skeptical fans want to know.

No wonder all eyes have turned anxiously to Cincinnati star, first baseman, Joey Votto.  Jamming his knee sliding into base during the Giant’s games, the question is on everybody’s minds; is Votto down for the count?  And if he is, how is that going to affect the Reds’ line-up?  If Votto loses significant time, it could have a devastating effect on the team trying to bolster its hitting average.  Some experts state that the Reds are hanging their reputation on a strong defense and a pitcher you just can’t beat.  Baseball is, after all, a team sport.  With players like Cairo, Hannigan, Frazier and Stubbs, coming up to bat, just waiting for their chance to hit a home run, the Reds are not going to enter the season lying down.

You are not going to want to miss the opportunity to see them in action.  All eyes are on the Cincinnati Reds, who are out to prove that even with a first baseman sitting in the bleachers, they know how to play ball.

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