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Enjoy the Real Magic of Hypnotiq

There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas that it can almost be overwhelming.  The short list is of course to play the slots and games in the famous casinos, eat at some of the top rated restaurants, stay in the lavish hotels, and have a few too many drinks and get married by Elvis.  Wait, scratch that last one.  And of course while you are in Vegas you have to check out some of the shows.  One that is sure to make for a memorable trip is Hypnotiq.

The men behind the show are Michael Johns and Terry Stokes.  Hypnotism and comedy are on the menu, as are free drinks at the open bar.  All you can drink means this is a 21+ adult show only, so don’t bring the kids to this one!  It can get raunchy pretty quick too, so it may not be for the super sensitive, but really that is only part of the hilarity.

Imagine watching your husband perform a routine to Britney Spears, or watch your date make out with a chair on stage!  They choose participants from the audience every night, and make non-believers believe.  The good news is that you can purchase a tape of the show so that when your husband doubts what you tell him when it is all over, you will have the video proof to show him!

Currently the show is performed nightly at 9pm in The Lounge at the Harmon Theater.  This can be found near the Planet Hollywood Hotel.  There aren’t a lot of details to give away, as every show is unique.  So grab some of the house wine, a mug of beer, and watch the funny men Johns and Stokes, do their thing.  This show is not only amazing to see, but it could be considered a workout, as your abs are sure to be tired by the end of it from laughing so hard.

Find discount tickets online, and book before you go, especially on weekends, to ensure you have a seat to one of the funniest shows on the strip!

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