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Lance Armstrong to Come Clean on Oprah

When most celebrities today have something to say, they post a video message on their own official website, or they take to Twitter. But some still like to keep things simple and go a more traditional route. They go to Oprah. That’s just what Lance Armstrong has done, as he sat down for a chat with the Queen of Talk yesterday. Just what was said no one yet knows; but it is strongly rumored that he’s admitted to the doping charges surrounding him for the past ten years.

It was yesterday in Austin, Texas that Armstrong first met with approximately 100 staff members of his Livestrong charity. He spoke with them for just under half an hour, simply telling them he was sorry for the controversy he’s put the charity through. He urged his staff to keep up the good work in fighting cancer and helping patients and their families battle the disease. When he was finished, there were few dry eyes in the house — even though he did everything but admit to the doping charges.

That was rumored to be reserved for Oprah Winfrey herself. After wrapping up his speech with the Livestrong staff, Armstrong then disappeared into a conference room where his interview with Winfrey would be held. Oprah is saying it’s a “no-holds barred” interview. Many have already assumed that Armstrong is going to be fessing up to the charges once and for all.

But it’s all speculation and hearsay at this point. With no one in that room except for Armstrong, Oprah, and the few crew members needed to film, no one yet knows exactly what was covered in the interview; or if Armstrong admitted to the doping charges, or just apologized for them, as he did with his own staff.

For those that are really interested in hearing what the former sports star has to say, you’ll have to tune in. The full interview will be aired on OWN at 9:00 p.m. this Thursday evening.

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