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Why Were 10 American Idol Concerts Cancelled?

Every year after “American Idol” has filmed its last episode and a winner has been declared, the remaining top ten contestants embark on a tour. Typically it travels all over the United States and takes up most of the summer. And tickets are sold months ahead of time, typically when the show is at its peak ratings, just before the winner is announced. All was on track to go the same way this year, until producers were forced to cancel the first ten shows altogether.

The question people are asking now, is why? Especially those who have already purchased tickets for those ten dates from June 29 — July 14. A spokesperson for the tour released a statement stating,

“Due to production scheduling changes, the American Idol 2013 tour will now begin on July 19 and go through the summer until August 31. The Idols look forward to performing in 30 venues across the country.”

What the spokesperson fails to mention is what exact ‘production scheduling changes’ were necessary. And that’s led many to believe that there were no changes at all; except that the television show did surprisingly badly this year, and drew in some of its lowest ratings ever.

For a full listing of tour dates that are going on as planned, you can find them listed on the TicketSupply.com.

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