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Where is Beyonce’s Album?

Back in January Beyonce delighted fans by announcing that she was going to be releasing a new album, and that it would be called Mrs. Carter. After her powerful Super Bowl performance (that did not blow the power out in the Superdome,) she announced that there would also be a tour to go along with it. Following in the footsteps of artists before her, as well as her past studio albums, fans were led to believe that the album would be out before the tour began. Now though, Bey is on the road; and there’s still no new album among their playlists. So, where is Beyonce’s album?

At first the singer announced that the album may be delayed because she was having a hard time finding a “killer lead track” to release. But months later, two tracks have been released — Nuclear, as well as Bow Down/I Been On — and they were incredibly different from Beyonce’s typical style. And fans didn’t like it. Claiming different things, such as the fact that she sounded much angrier than she has on albums past; and that the style resembled Rihanna’s too much.

And according to an insider, the fact that those two songs fell flat are the reason for the delay on the album as a whole.

“No one thought that both records would fall flat,” says the anonymous source. “They were supposed to be her biggest two songs off the album. It’s back to the drawing board. More recording until they get a great album.”

So who knows how long that could be. The good news for fans going to see Beyonce as she travels around on her world tour is that they might be the very first ones to hear some new music!

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