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Paul McCartney Still Rocks!

Maybe it is true that money can’t buy you love, but it can sure buy you a ticket to one of the best musical concerts of all times. From the moment that legendary singer/songwriter Paul McCartney takes the stage, there is a palpable feeling of excitement in the air. His voice remains just as strong, sweet, and pure as it was when he began his career in the 1960s.

Paul’s shy demeanor is quickly replaced by his stage presence. There is nothing timid about the way he belts out songs from his days with Wings and lots of crowd-favorites from his days with the Beatles. Although he brings a band that ably assists with some of the melodies, he can literally be a one-man show. He plays bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and piano.

McCartney shows his versatility by adding in some Jimi Hendrix and even a flavor of country music. His music is virtually non-stop throughout the show. He is not known for idle chatter, and he keeps the conversation to a minimum.

The crowd easily connected with McCartney and sang along with every song he played. The loudest audience participation came when he sang, “Hey Jude.” They were also ignited by a moving tribute to fellow Beatles, George Harrison and John Lennon.

As he is approaching 70, who knows how many more concerts Paul McCartney will play? Considering the legendary performer and the quality of the show; if Paul McCartney tickets are available in your area, don’t miss him perform!

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