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Don’t Miss Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails has a new album and new tour lined up that should keep new and old fans alike very happy. The band, fronted by Trent Reznor, will be touring all across the United States throughout the rest of 2013 before they head to New Zealand and Australia with Queens of the Stone Age.

Fans know that Reznor is the main man — and the only actual official member — of the band. Of course, when he tours, he does have an entire band come out with him in order to perform some of the complex, and some might say sonically odd, songs in his repertoire. Some of the best known songs from NIN include “Wish”, “Gave Up”, “Only”, and “Head Like a Hole”.

Reznor and his music are not without controversy. In the early 90s, he rented the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, which many people know was the home where Sharon Tate and friends met their end at the hands of members of Charlie Manson’s Family. He claimed that he had no idea it was the same house, but he did call his studio Le Pig. The word pig was written on the one of the doors in the home when the Manson Family committed the murders. Reznor actually took the door with him when he left, right before the house was demolished. Reznor is also the man who discovered and produced another one of the other “shock rockers” that remains an enduring force today — Marilyn Manson. They actually filmed their video “Gave Up” in the living room where the initial attacks took place.

Despite what one might think about Reznor on a personal level, few can deny his musical talent and influence. In fact, some of that controversy is actually what many people find alluring about him and his music. When you go to see a NIN show, you are going to see more than just a concert. You will see a spectacle of light and sound that you won’t forget. If you love the music, you surely don’t want to miss this latest tour. Check to see if NIN is coming to an area near you and buy your tickets today.

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