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Taylor Swift Concert is Amazing!

Taylor Swift can perhaps best be summed up in one word, and that word is “real.” In a time when many young stars are best known for their indiscretions and brushes with the law, Swift appears as a breath of fresh air. She seems to be both honest and open, allowing her emotions to come forth in songs. Her youthful innocence is evident in the songs she writes and it is just as apparent in the delivery of those songs.

Many say that her stage presence still has to be refined, but with a star as bright as Swift, there is plenty of time for that. What she may be lacking in experience, she more than makes up for with star power and energy. Taylor Swift appears to be a little in awe of her stardom. She expresses her gratitude to the audience and it is easy to see that she loves what she is doing. Her performance seems to genuinely express her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music.

It is refreshingly romantic to hear Taylor sing “Tim McGraw” and I personally love her fairytale metaphors. She changes wardrobes enough to be interesting. Whether she has put on a sequined evening dress or her trademark sundress with cowboy boots, she is still the same Taylor Swift that we have come to know and love.

Taylor Swift rocked the stage with hits like “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Love Story.” The crowd went absolutely wild when she sang “You Belong With Me.” Her mega-hit, “Fearless,” was another huge crowd sing-along favorite. It is one thing to hear Swift on the radio, but it is quite another to see her in concert. Every fan owes is to themselves to watch this country star in person. Her star is sure to shine brightly for years to come! The TicketSupply’s Taylor Swift tickets are going fast so be sure to get them for a location near you!

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