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Jeffrey Ross – Comedy Central’s Roast King Visits the People

Jeffrey Ross (or Jeff Ross) is not only king of the roast, but also the “Roastmaster General” for Comedy Central’s Roast. What originally started as a televised version of the Friars Club tribute show, evolved into its own entity–a raucous anti-tribute show of a modern or past icon that featured insults from today’s hottest living comics, like Jeff Ross, Lisa Lampanelli, Gilbert Gottfried and Andy Dick. (If you count Andy Dick as a comic or “living”…zing!) Jeffrey Ross is now part of both entities, the Friars Club and the Comedy Central Roast, but he also goes on the road entertaining millions of Roast fans.

Actually, the insults get much worse on the uncensored broadcasts and that’s partially because of Jeffrey’s Ross’ talent for X-rated, nothing-sacred cut downs. He’s like Rick Moranis and Walter Matthau had a baby that was then beaten up by Don Rickles. Yes, he started the whole “if so and so had a baby” routine, as well as many other “bits” that are far too risqué to be printed here.

However, if you have enjoyed any of Comedy Central’s greatest Roasts in recent years, like Bob Saget, Drew Carey, Pamela Anderson and most recently, Charlie Sheen, then you have already enjoyed the best and meanest of Jeffrey Ross. Ross secretly writes a lot of the insults you see on those celebrity roast shows as spoken by celebrities, as most big Hollywood names (unlike the glory days of the Friars Club or the Dean Martin Roasts) are not spunky or fearless enough to think of those burns on their own.

Of course, witnessing Ross in person is not exactly like a roast, since there is no celebrity sitting on a mock throne pretending to laugh after an insult about his/her crack habit. However, in person you can expect the same Jeff Ross spirit, a more personal look into his life, many funny observations about stupid or insane people, and sure, some acid-tongue insults that are too hard to resist.

Jeffrey Ross is the Don Rickles of this generation, though he cites his most important comedy influences as Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin and, naturally, Cheech & Chong. He’s no spring chicken at the age of 46, but he still has many years of roasting and toasting to go, as he is gaining mainstream attention as the insult go-to-guy.

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