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Where is Dwight Howard Going to Go?

Dwight Howard has not been happy being a part of the Orlando Magic ever since his own magic was taken away after the 2009 NBA Finals. Howard wants to be part of a “Big Three” type of situation that’s currently happening in Miami; and he’s bitter towards the Magic, who traded away his possible chance for that shortly after the Finals in 2009.

This is true at least, according to Courtney Lee, who played with Howard during the Finals that year. After Orlando lost to the Lakers, many of Howard’s key teammates were traded to the New Jersey Nets; and it’s this that Lee says began the demise of Howard in an Orlando uniform. When talking about the Howard situation recently, Lee said, “I’m not surprised. When they broke up the team in 2009, you could just see the frustration in Dwight’s face. We talked about it a couple of times and you could just tell he was upset about it. Most franchise NBA players are involved in the decision-making. Dwight’s feeling like he’s not involved.”

Now, Howard’s sick of playing for a losing team and is looking for a new city to call home. Preferably one with a few major players. But will he be able to get it? In order for Orlando to trade Howard, they’ll have to get some pretty big players in return, possibly leaving Howard with just as average a team as the one he’s leaving. But who are those possibilities? Here are the most likely trade situations as they stand now:

  • Howard could go to the Lakers in exchange for Andrew Bynum. However, the Lakers are also looking at signing Gilbert Arenas; that would be good for Howard, since the two are friends and have played together before, but could the Lakers afford it?
  • The L.A. Clippers are other potentials for Howard, but they’d have to get rid of just about everyone but Chris Paul. Howard has expressed interest in playing with Paul, and if they can manage to also keep Blake Griffin, it’d be an outstanding team.
  • The Chicago Bulls are a great fit for Howard, and with Derrick Rose the two could be unstoppable. But Howard hasn’t mentioned Chicago and with Adidas as his sponsor, there’s even talk it’s actually Nike holding Howard back.

Of those possible teams, only one makes Howard’s wish list, and that’s the Lakers. His other main two teams he’d like to be traded to are the New Jersey Nets and the Dallas Mavericks; although he keeps expanding that with every passing day. Where do you think Dwight Howard will end up?

Shaquille O’Neal Hits One Over the Green Monster

While some basketball players might be looking for a way to kill time while the lockout’s on, others are just enjoying their retirement. That’s exactly what Shaquille O’Neal is doing and while he’s still keeping his passion for sports close to heart, this time it’s a different kind of ball that Shaq tried his hand at. It’s baseball, and Shaq tested his skills at one of the most famous baseball parks in the world — Fenway.

Just when the game was played is unclear; but details were released during a radio interview with Kevin Garnett, in which Garnett stated that he played baseball with Shaq at Fenway Park alongside Rajon Rondo, Garnett’s teammate on the Boston Celtics. All three of the superstars did very well during the game, but Shaq emerged as victor. As Garnett recalled the story, he told of how Shaq hit a ball over the Green Monster — a feat that many in the MLB haven’t been able to accomplish!

No doubt that the story will help boost Shaq’s rep as an all-star, all-around athlete. Basketball aside, that reputation took a bit of a hit after he aired his reality show, Shaq Vs. The show was a challenge for Shaq, where he tried to beat athletic greats at their own game. Unfortunately, the show portrayed that the giant was just really quite awkward and clumsy on any other playing field than a basketball court. Now though, if this story from Kevin Garnett proves to be more than just fiction, Shaq may have conquered another sport too. If nothing else, it’s a great story to begin his retirement!

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